Used Vehicles

There are now dozens of imported vehicles, with a lot of optional features,  available to you over the internet at thousands of websites.

When importing your new or used vehicle, the total cost added to the cost of import and legalisation is often less than the amount you would pay when buying from a dealer in your country.

This is likely to happen because the dealer, in addition to its high operating cost, adds a very high profit margin to the vehicle, making the final price often higher.

Some of our customers, before purchasing another vehicle, have the need to sell their current vehicle.

Today, there are many reliable sites and you are sure to be able to sell your vehicle quickly and practically.

You should try to sell it in your country, but it is your decision. You can use a local website to advertise it, or any other sales website.

Indeed, importing makes the car of your dreams more affordable, and you can even make money by selling your car quickly to a car dealer in your locality.

If you sell your current used car in another country, you will have to hire an external transportation service, this type of negotiation is at your discretion and responsibility.

We help you find your new vehicle and we can help you through the process. Place your order today and if you wish, hire our additional services.

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