9.99 € Starter Service | Save Thousands

This is your way to buy the best possible car in European market. The best cost benefit starts here.

You may have found a vehicle you are interested in and want to know what the total import costs will be. Or you haven't found an ad yet, but you know what kind of car you want. Our agent will be looking for a good option for you.

You pay €9.99 (included 23% VAT) for the following services:

Our agents will contact your ad's phone and ask for more information about the vehicle you want. After gaining more knowledge of the vehicle, they will give you your opinion on the condition and price of the vehicle.

All our agents speak fluent German and Finnish.

Our agents always put all the basic questions to the car dealer.

Did the car have an accident?

Is the mileage correct?

When was the last maintenance done?

What maintenance or repairs should be done soon?

Is the car painted?

Can the owner/seller negotiate the price?

Are there any marks of rust, scratches or dents?

You can write any additional questions that our agents should present to the car salesman.

Our agents will call you from Germany and tell you everything that was found on the phone.

This service includes 30 minutes of EU internal calls or Skype calls to any country.

You will have the best possible consultation on the import and legalization of vehicles available in Europe. Example: Do you know which cars have the best cost for legalization in Portugal? Our professionals know how to search for the best car for you and we will give you important information to save up to thousands of euros.

If you have any questions, please call or send an email to info@autoimport.eu.