690 € Total Service

For this price we will help you to find and buy the best possible vehicle from the European market. Our agent will make the needed phone calls to different vehicle sellers. Up to three vehicle inspections are included in the price. No unexpected extra costs. In addition to this price, you pay a mileage allowance of €0.36/km.

You may have already found the perfect vehicle on the web or you want us to find the best option for you. We have agents across Europe and the closest agent will inspect the chosen vehicle. If you reject the vehicle, the price includes the search and inspection of the second and third vehicle.

Price negotiation 60/40. Our agents are true professionals in price negotiations. The negotiated discount is shared 60/40 in your favour. You will pay 40% commission from the difference between the price on the online ad and the final price of the vehicle. This commission keeps the game fair on both sides. It guarantees that our agents will do the best to get the price of the vehicle as low as possible. Most often, our agents are able to negotiate the price down more than you would ever dare.

Operating range. We have agents in most of European countries: Finland, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and others.

Vehicles. At this price we will search, check and help you to buy any vehicle. It can be a car, motorcycle, van, truck, motorhome, moped, truck etc.

Money back guarantee. You can cancel this order at any time. We will refund your money without questions within three working days. We only keep the payment for any hours our agents have already worked (€48/hour) and the mileage allowance (€0.36/km).

Delivery time. On average, the car will be delivered to the destination within 15 days. If it takes more than 3 weeks to deliver we will refund € 100 per week. Express delivery is available at an extra cost.

Other import costs: You can choose other services after the perfect vehicle is bought for you. The cost of a truck transportation from Germany to Portugal is between €1200 – 1400 for a standard size passenger car. Complete package to assist you in the process of legalisation is €780.



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