Why should you import a car?

  • You often save thousands of Euros
  • You can choose a vehicle that suits you best
  • We make the buying process safe and easy for you
  • You can buy a vehicle with low mileage
  • (InspectWise) You can choose colors and accessories
  • Confira estes: Nettiauto, Auto Ruotsista, Sähköskootterit

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9.99 € Starter Package. Agent will help you to find the best possible vehicle. He will contact the car seller by phone. You can decide if the agent will make a thorough inspection.

Order 9.99 € Starter Package Money Back Guarantee

690€ Total Service. For this price we will search, inspect and buy the best possible vehicle for you from UK or anywhere in Europe. We might need to inspect many vehicles to find the right one. We can start by test-driving and inspecting a car that you have found online. This includes all consultation, phone calls, test-drives and inspections that are needed, to help you to buy the best possible vehicle from the market.

Buy the € 690 Total Service Money Back Guarantee

Financing Offer:

Only 1500 € deposit

Pay the rest after you see the car yourself

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Our fair contract terms and the professional know-how guarantee you safe car deals.

  • Our agent inspects the car in most cases much more precisely than you would do yourself.
  • Our price includes second and third inspection if the first one is rejected.
  • We will return your payments if you cancel the order. Read more about our fair terms & conditions.
  • We will guarantee that you will be pleased with your imported vehicle.
  • Our pricing is transparent and clear. You will know exactly what you are paying for.

Order 9.99 € Starter Package Money Back Guarantee

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We take the inspections seriously


OBD check will show any active fault codes. Paint thickness will reveal the repainted parts. You will receive a thorough report about the exterior, interior, engine and findings during the test drive.


We want to work honestly and professionally. We are looking for clients who want to use our services again and who would also recommend us. We are not pushing you to order anything, because the cars are not in our inventory. We inspect the cars before you buy.


Normally the vehicle will be inspected within couple of working days. You will receive the car in about two weeks time.

We are not perfect, but we strive to perfection. If we make mistakes we take responsibility for them.

Order 9.99 € Starter Package Money Back Guarantee

Why Import Direct Auto is the best?

  • Over 50 years of experience.

  • Above board - you know what you are paying for.

  • We have agents all over the Europe and that's why we act fast.

  • Vehicle inspection reports are done by highest standards.

Order 9.99€ Starter Package Money Back Guarantee

We are all over UK, Ireland and Europe

Our agents are ready to inspect vehicles all over the UK and Ireland. Trained agents are also operating in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium / Netherlands
  • Great Britain
  • Spain
  • The Czech Republic
  • Austria

How we proceed?

  1. Find a vehicle that pleases you

    Use AutoTrader.co.uk to find a vehicle that pleases you.

  2. Call us

    Call our Malta service line +356 9996 8068


    9.99 € Starter Package. Agent will check the car history and he will call the seller. You will get his opinion about it.

    Order 9.99€ Starter Package Money Back Guarantee

    690 € Total Service. We will find a good vehicle for you. Price includes up to three thorough inspections with report and pictures. Our fair terms include a money back guarantee, if you decide to cancel the order completely.

    Read more about 690€ Total Service Money Back Guarantee

Who we are?

If you ever have any complaints about our services or professional car buyers and agents, you can always contact the owners of ImportDirectAuto.com


Tomi Rantanen
Tomi Rantanen
+358 (0) 44 36 77 990

We are ready to serve you

ImportDirectAuto.com is a service in Malta provided by the leading car inspection and importation company in Finland – European Car Inspection Ltd. We have experience of inspecting and importing more than 1000 cars. At the moment we are market leader in Finland. Operations in Malta has been launched in March 2017.

European Car Inspection Ltd
Free port
10900 Hanko, Finland

Business ID and VAT# FI27918938 In Malta call and order +356 9996 8068 (monday to sunday 9 am to 7 pm CET)
International inquiries +358 44 3677 990 (Monday to Sunday 9 am to 7 pm CET)

or fill in the order form below

Order 690€ Total Service Money Back Guarantee

Malta Service Center
Misrah L-Indipendenza
Xewkija, Gozo,

We deliver vehicles to anywhere in the Europe.

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